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Kalahari Melon Oil Sustainable and Natural Skin Care

Native to Origin

The Kalahari Melon is native to our region, where it naturally grows in abundance and doesn’t risk overharvesting.

The wild watermelon flourishes in underutilized land, away from forests and food crops.

Thriving with very little water, it has adapted to this extreme ecosystem where droughts are frequent.

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Kalahari Melon Oil Sustainable and Natural Skin Care

In Sync with Ecology

All the waste from our harvest process (over 95% of the melon) is returned back to the same lands, as organic fertiliser for the next harvest.

The waste from cold-pressing the seeds is fed as a high protein supplement to the animals grazing on our farm.

Naturally, the little water we do use during production is also recycled.

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Kalahari Melon Oil Traceable Skin Care

Precisely Traceable

Each drop of our Kalahari Melon oil comes from our organic-certified farm.

We are responsible for the entire supply chain. We harvest the melons, cold-press the seeds, filter, and bottle the oil ourselves.

That means we can guarantee the purity, quality and provenance of our oil.

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Kalahari Melon Oil Sustainable Skin Care Social Venture

Adding Value Locally

Localising value provides our workers with better paid and higher quality opportunities.

We are committed to the inclusive development and support of indigenous people. 

We are securing livelihoods in remote Kalahari Basin communities that have been directly impacted by climate change.

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Innovative Skincare Kalahari Melon Oil

Driven by Science and Innovation

We are utilising a wild and indigenous plant that was overlooked, and even actively eradicated, for centuries.

By prioritising climate-resilience, we are building a sustainable industry to mitigate the future impacts of climate change.

We are committed to our purpose, continuously researching the impacts that we have on the Kalahari communities.

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Our Packaging
Kalahari Melon Oil Sustainable Skincare helping South Africa Communities Impacted By Climate Change


Means we are devoted to a multifaceted approach, encompassing ecological, economic and social impact.

Kalahari Melon Oil is Naturally High in Vitamin E
Drought-resistant Biology

Once an agricultural heartland, our region is now experiencing acute climate change, with frequent droughts becoming the new norm. However, while traditional crops wither away, the Kalahari Melon remains.

This wild melon has evolved resilience to the desert’s extreme ecosystem, locking in water by shooting its roots deep into the ground. This means no irrigation and a production process in sync with local ecology.

By harvesting a native plant that grows in abundance despite low rainfall, we are causing absolute minimal disruption to the natural environment and helping to slow desertification.

Kalahari Melon Oil Sustainable and Natural Skin Care

In 2018 alone, more than 30,000 jobs were lost in South Africa as a direct result of drought. Many farmers have been forced to sacrifice their land or scale it down significantly.

By taking climate action and harnessing the drought-resistant biology of the Kalahari Melon, we are securing livelihoods for marginalised communities in South Africa.

Kalahari Melon Oil is not just another skincare ingredient. It is a powerful tool for sustainable economic development in a remote part of the world, where climate change is really being felt.

Kalahari Melon Oil Sustainable Skin Care Social Venture

Frequent and severe droughts, as a result of climate change, have brought economic hardship upon the Kalahari. Unfortunately, in our region such hardship has contributed to social issues.

By securing lost livelihoods, providing high quality work and offering upskilling opportunities, we are amplifying real impact to the people who have felt the effects of climate change the most.

In adding value back to our region, we endeavour to alleviate the strain felt by local communities, improving the quality of our workers' lives and reducing inequality.

Sustainable and Traceable Skincare