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Sensitive skin is one of the most common skin types. You were either born with it or, like many of us, you’ve used too many actives at once resulting in your skin feeling over‑stripped and sensitised. Therefore, when conducting a patch test (a cosmetic test, which determines if a product causes any irritating effects to the skin) we decided to take it one step further, by ensuring that over half of the participants in our 50-person study had either sensitive skin, allergy-prone skin or atopic dermatitis (eczema).

The results showed that our Kalahari Melon Oil didn’t cause a single adverse reaction - not even a mild one, meaning that it is compatible with even the most reactive and sensitive skin types. The negative control - water, also caused no reactions, and the positive control, 1% SDS  in water (which ensures validity of the test), caused mild adverse reactions in 17 individuals.

The reason why our oil passed this study with flying colours is simple. Pure Kalahari Melon Oil is naturally rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which repair your skin barrier at the cellular level, building resilience against irritants and environmental stressors. If you have sensitive skin, your skin barrier is damaged and in need of repair. In other words, some of the key skin building blocks, such as essential fatty acids, are missing so your skin barrier can’t function properly. This allows irritants to infiltrate the skin more easily, leaving it feeling inflamed, itchy and uncomfortable to touch. Furthermore, our facial oil is not mixed with any other substances and consciously made without fragrance, artificial preservatives or essential oils to minimise irritation and protect your skin.